What Are The Misconceptions About Wealth?

What Are The Misconceptions About Wealth?

February 17th, 2012 // 9:43 am @

What are misconceptions about wealth?  Many Christians are often taught that wealth and money are evil.  Also that Christians shouldn’t seek out or have material things.  This is a common misconception about wealth.  Money is not evil, if money is used properly.  In fact, building wealth can be highly beneficial to many deserving people and causes around the world.

Pastor Warren Adams is working on a book to address these issues.  It is titled, “It’s Ok to be Rich, but Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God.”  It will be published in December of 2006.  In this book, he provides insight and discussion regarding the positive aspects of building wealth.  Pastor Adams explored the idea that it is scripturally right to build wealth.  The book is about what he discovered.

He concludes that it is ok to be rich, but you have to seek it in the proper way.

This information could possibly change your view about wealth, the church, and the connotation of being wealthy.

Following are examples of topics covered in, “It’s Ok to be Rich, but Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God”.

Insight #1:  You can’t keep doing the same thing your doing if you expect to achieve different results.  You have to believe that’s its ok to be rich if you want to be rich.

Insight #2:  Exploring the connotation of the word “wealth”.  Pastor Adams conducted an exercise to determine the association with the word “rich”.  At a seminar he asked people to write down the phrase “Rich people ______” and fill in the blank.  Most responses at the seminar were positive.  Responses included: help people, fund projects, etc.

He then conducted the same exercise at a Sunday school of women.  Responses from the Sunday school were negative.  Responses included:  miserable, arrogant, lucky, etc.

Most people that aren’t rich think there is something bad about people that are rich.

What do you believe about people who are rich?  What do you think?

Insight #3:  You can help other people when you have the financial resources to help them.  Pastor Adams believes that God has a call and purpose for every Christian.  He calls some people to serve as missionaries and care givers.  They can’t carry out their mission without money.  They need to be funded.  The more money you have, the more money you can send to help fund these activities and help people.

Check out Pastor Adam’s website at www.itsoktoberich.com for more insights and information about his book.

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