Unleash the Power of Attention Grabbing Copywriting

Unleash the Power of Attention Grabbing Copywriting

February 13th, 2012 // 12:01 pm @

Learn the secrets of the pros when it comes to copywriting.  Unleash the power of attention grabbing copywriting in your online marketing campaign.

Having attention grabbing copywriting in your online marketing campaign is the key to success.  There are two things that you need to have in your marketing copy.  You need to figure out a name for your list and a 15-30 word headline.  The purpose of this marketing copy is to drive traffic to your website.  You want customers to subscribe to your list.

You need a name for your list.  You need a list name because many websites will request this information.  The name for your list is up to you.  It is set up primarily for internal use.  Name your list after your niche.

Your 15-30 word headline needs to grab a website visitor’s attention.  You need persuasive, eye catching headline copy to achieve this task.  A great way to write your headline is to include “Power” words.

Examples of Power Words include:







Power Words are effective because they prompt Internet website visitors to take action.  You can also use power phrases.

Writing marketing copy can be easy.  You have to believe in your product.  Don’t let limitations or negative thinking complicate the process.  Be truthful in your marketing copy.  You need to be able to explain why Internet visitors should “know” more about your product.  You are not selling your product in your headline.  You are simply garnering interest for your product.  Many people will be turned off by an instant sales pitch.  First, you want to entice them with an attention grabbing headline.  Let the customer read about your product.  Then after that you can sell your product or service.

Think about how the television news works.  They have teasers during the commercial breaks before the news.  The teasers are meant to capture your attention.  The news doesn’t give you the full story right off the bat because they want you to watch the entire news.  Therefore, they constantly send preview teasers so you will be interested in watching the entire news program.

Do not use too many power words.  Too many power words will lessen the impact.  Plus, too many power words may not create a sentence that reads smoothly.  Avoid writing the headline in bold.  Bold can wreak havoc on the eyes.  It can turn away many potential subscribers.

Take the time right now to sit down and write your marketing copy.  It doesn’t have to be perfect yet, you just have to get started.  Don’t forget to use power words to increase the effectiveness of your copy.

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