The Three Magic Words of Internet Millionaires

The Three Magic Words of Internet Millionaires

February 15th, 2012 // 3:32 pm @

What type of business model do you follow?  Are you heading for bankruptcy or millionaire success?  Not sure which way you are heading?  Let’s look at each model in more detail.

The bankruptcy model:  You think you have a main focus, but you are selling unrelated products.  You try your hand at too many opportunities.  You efforts are all over the place.

Internet Millionaire model:  You focus on your list, sending articles, Internet marketing, search engine optimization, etc.  You are focused on business tasks that relate to each other.  You are not all over the place like in the bankruptcy model.

Internet Millionaires ask powerful questions.

The questions are “What” and “How” types of questions.  They don’t ask “Why”.  They ask questions like – What did you do to make that happen?  How did you make that happen?

Essentially, Internet millionaires don’t focus on why something went wrong.  Instead, they focus on how they can fix something that went wrong.

Internet millionaires focus on magic three words to achieve success.  Following is a look at the magic words and how you can apply them to your Internet business.

Three magic words Internet Millionaires use:

Magic Word #1:  Monetize – How can I monetize this?

Magic Word #2:  Systematize – How can you systematize a process?

Magic Word #3:  Residualize – How can you set up a situation to earn residuals and not worry    about it anymore?  You can set up with affiliates for example.

Want to ensure that you will reach Internet success?  Then take the action step of “The Cell Phone Challenge”.

This means that you will remove people that are negative from your cell phone list when you decide to make your first million.  You need to focus on your million dollar run.  You want to avoid any negative mind chatter.  You need to block out those that bring up negative voices in your mind.  Don’t listen to them.  Tell yourself that you are going to earn one million dollars no matter what.  See it as a challenge.

Bonus Tips from Internet millionaires:

Tip #1:  You need to be a master at marketing.  You need to know how to turn words into money.  It is amazing to earn money from emails and articles that you send out to your subscriber list.  You need to know how to effectively write and speak in public.

Tip #2:  Realize that it is your duty to make your dreams happen.

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