The Nine Common Characteristics of Internet Millionaires

The Nine Common Characteristics of Internet Millionaires

February 16th, 2012 // 8:39 am @

Unleash the secrets of Internet Millionaires.  Learn the tools Internet millionaires use to explode their success.

Internet Millionaire Characteristic #1:  Blame versus Learn.  Internet millionaires learn from situations.  They do not fall into the trap of blaming others.  They ask what went wrong in a situation and how can they learn from it?  How can they fix it so the situation does not happen again?

Internet Millionaire Characteristic #2:  They are decisive.  They quickly seize opportunities.  They take action.  They don’t sit around and hope things happen.  Be the first to take advantage of a good opportunity.

Internet Millionaire Characteristic #3:  They trust their gut and intuition.  They also seek the intuition of people they trust.  Trust yourself.  This is a skill that you need to constantly work on.

Internet Millionaire Characteristic #4:  They are single focused.  Don’t spread your interests too thin.  For example, if you invest time, money, and effort into real estate, trading stocks, and selling products then you will become stressed.  Focus on one area and strive to be number one in that area.

Internet Millionaire Characteristic #5:  They are marketing focused.  Marketing is at the heart of any business.

Internet Millionaire Characteristic #6:  They are education focused.  Understand the importance of continuing education.  Constantly learn from your own business as well as attend seminars.  Go see how businesses have actually achieved success.  What business operations did they implement?  How did they focus on marketing?  How did they deal with their client list?  How did they promote their product or services?  Obtain the concrete evidence to help you.

Internet Millionaire Characteristic #7:  They aren’t afraid to make mistakes.  Don’t worry about making mistakes, just get started.  Do whatever it takes to make your goal happen.  You may make mistakes, but you can fix them later.

Internet Millionaire Characteristic #8:  They model and swipe.  This does not mean stealing ideas.  It means that you model the ideas from others.  Tweak the ideas to suit your needs.  For example, let’s say you have found a website format that you like.  You can model the format for your website.  You put your own website content into this website format.  Another example is to model email messages that you found to be effective or interesting.

Internet Millionaire Characteristic #9:  They build a team to achieve success.  Don’t become a millionaire by working alone.  It is extremely difficult and almost impossible to become an Internet millionaire without any help.  You need a team of supporters such as content gurus, tax attorneys, and other support staff.  In addition, Internet millionaires outsource tasks to gurus.  Don’t try to be guru on every business aspect by yourself.

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