No Time, No Money, No Problem!

No Time, No Money, No Problem!

March 3rd, 2012 // 3:02 pm @

There are two common objections people will have when it comes to buying your product or services.  They will say that they don’t have the time or the money to invest in your product.  These objections are rationalizations that you can combat.

To combat the time objection make sure that you don’t ask people why they couldn’t spare one day to attend your seminar.  This will seem accusatory.  Also don’t make them feel guilty for not attending your seminar.  Instead, agree with them that it is hard to find time, but stress that it is possible.

To combat the money objection make sure to avoid the return-on-investment close.  Many speakers constantly give the return-on-investment close. They explain how much you will earn if you invest in their product.  While it is beneficial to let clients know about the return-on-investment, it can break rapport with your clients.  Why?  Blatantly stating the return-on-investment can be confrontational to those that are weary of taking action.  Plus, people are used to hearing the return-on-investment close and may be sick of hearing it.  They may tune you out completely.

Instead, try incorporating stories about people who have achieved a big return-on-investment by using your product.  Stories are much less confrontational and clients will realize that they are not alone.  They will see that others are in the same boat as they are.  An example story could be about receiving a letter from a client that was extremely satisfied with your program.  Also talk about how this letter touched your heart.

Tip:  Introduce more humor after you overcome the time and money objection.  Humor can quell any tension they may have.

When you provide the price for your product, don’t start at a ridiculously high number and then slice the price significantly.  Don’t offer several discounts and free bonuses.  If you offer too many things at a low price then people will feel your products aren’t worth much to begin with.  Why?  They will think that if your products were so valuable you wouldn’t be giving them away for such a low cost or for free.

Give ONE discount that has a time constraint.  For example, if they sign up today then they will get a monetary discount today only.  Your products will appear to have more value.  It shows that you are not worried that the price will turn away clients.

Stand by your price.  Don’t look worried or desperate that people won’t buy.  You need to always realize that you have more people to sell to in the future.  You don’t have to feel desperate to sell to everyone right now.

Tip:  The key is to make people feel like they are getting a bargain, but also receiving a high value product at the same time.

Always leave people feeling good after your presentation.  Don’t just leave after you have sold to them.  You need to promote a feeling of camaraderie.  People remember the last event and will associate it with you and your product in the future.

You can have a raffle or a give away so people have the chance to win something at the end of your meeting.  For example, raffle off a free ticket to your seminar so they can bring a guest.

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