Marketing Basics

Marketing Basics

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Marketing basics consist of two significant approaches to marketing: shotgun and rifle. Each approach to advertising or lead generation is unique. It’s up to you to determine which one suits your industry best.

Rifle Approach

The least expensive marketing approach is the rifle. Businesses that choose this approach are able to select their target market (niche group). Developing a compelling message to address the audience is the next step. In some circles, this is ‘Direct Marketing’.

Identify the target market’s lifestyle and demographic related markets for your business. The target market could consist of the following:

· Women

· Men

· Professionals

· Homemakers

· Middle-class

· Upper-class

· Age groups

You get the idea. Of course, not all niche groups fit every industry.

Addressing Your Market

To target your niche group, start with identifying resources that can supply the target pathway for your message.

* Print advertising
* Direct mail
* E-mail marketing
* TV or radio broadcast
* Web site

Take time to research magazines that specialize in your industry. Even the Internet provides a variety of resources to hunt down and analysis your target market. Resources like these can give you fresh ideas of effective direct marketing techniques.

Besides Direct Mail: What other vises are there?

There are other useful tools implemented to drum up business. Of course, what you use and how you use it relies highly on the industry your in. For instance, a professional wouldn’t put a banner outside of his/her office to draw up business. But a fitness professional may find a banner outside of the club works wonderfully. You have to find the commercial materials that work best for you.

Here are a few suggestions:

* Banners promoting special events
* Product freebies like videos and CDs
* Accessories with your logo (coffee cup, note pad, pen, etc)

Marketing Tips

Be open to collaborating with other establishments that offer similar services or products, but not identical, is an excellent way to build business for both. Again, this depends on your industry. The best blend is in the example of the CPA and Bookkeeper. Although CPA’s do handle business bookkeeping, a partnership would eliminate some of the workload on the CPA and allow for time to pursue other aspects of business.

It’s like adding another benefit to using your services or products with an outside company. Apply these few marketing basics and you’ll boost visibility, cuts down on marketing expense, and increases business.

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