Lucrative Secrets Of The Marketing Funnel

Lucrative Secrets Of The Marketing Funnel

February 24th, 2012 // 1:56 pm @

Do you have products or services that range from under $50 to thousands of dollars?  For example, do you have an eBook and a home study course?  Are you confused as to how you should market these products to your list?  Does order matter?  Read on to find out.

The most effective and lucrative order to market products is called the “Market Funnel”.

Marketing Funnel:  The key is to start small and continue to up sell your list.

1.) Start with bringing prospects through your opt-in box.  Give visitors an incentive to opt-in to your list such as a free newsletter or report.  You need to obtain the name and email address.  Then send them to the sales letter page.

2.) On days 2 -5 send them an email each day asking them to buy.  Keep sending the emails until they buy.  This may take a while so be persistent.

3.)  Sell lower priced items such as a $19 or $47 eBook.

4.)  Sell audios for $97.  (Turn your audio files transcribed for later use as well.)

5.) Sell a DVD course for $197-$297.  Create it by putting yourself behind a green screen or give a free seminar and record it.  Another option is to give a 4 hour presentation on an area of your expertise.

*Tip:  If you want to get more money for products you have to repackage them because of the perceived value.  For example, when a customer buys an eBook you can up sell them and ask if they want a hard copy of the eBook as well (for an additional $30).

6.)  Sell a Home Study Multimedia course for $497 – $997. This course should include:  a well written report, DVDs, and expert interviews on teleseminars.  You can also create bonus reports from teleseminars and put them in mp3 format.

7.)  Sell Public Speaking services and Seminars for $497 – $5,000
It is important to establish yourself as expert.  Associate yourself with experts in the field.  Seek out pictures with experts at events and post it on your Blog.  This will give the perception that you are an expert.

You can also give your own seminar event and invite other experts to speak.

8.) Sell Group Coaching Programs, Inner Circle programs, and Workshops.

NOTE:  Workshops are slightly different then seminars.  A workshop is like a boot camp and you talk with the experts about specific topics.

9.) Go to Boot Camps and One-on-one coaching for $2,500 – $20,000+.
These can be expensive, but it can be worth it because you have the opportunity to set up millionaire dollar joint ventures.

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