How To Promote Your Website

How To Promote Your Website

March 4th, 2012 // 3:07 pm @

You have your website up and running.  Now what do you do?  Promote your website!

How to promote your website:

1.)  Promote your website through joint ventures.  A joint venture partner will send out an email to their whole list about your website provided that you give them incentive.  This could be for a share of the profits made from the mailing, or a barter for services, or an advertising trade, etc. You will then have a whole new, larger list that you can promote to.  The bottom of the email should have a link to your website and offer incentives.

2.)  Promote yourself through the Internet.  There is organic positioning and paid positioning.

Organic positioning refers to the free results that appear in the center page of the Google search results.  You want your website to pop up in the first 10 results on the search results page.  One way to do this is to insert several keywords on your website.  Google will pick up the search terms.

Paid positioning can be accomplished through Google AdWords.  Google will give you a report on the popularity of different keywords.  You can bid on the different keywords.  Your advertisement will appear under the “Sponsored Links” on the Google search results page.  Each time a person clicks on your advertisement you have to pay the amount you bid for that keyword.

Tip:  Don’t worry about going over budget using this Google Adwords because you can set up a budget limit in your Google AdWords account.  You don’t have to buy the expensive keywords.  The key is to find the cheaper keywords that are the most effective.  For example, more specific keyword phrases may be more effective and less expensive.  Find a combination of organic and paid positioning options to maximize your profits.

Tip:  Outsource various tasks so that you can spend time on the areas that make you the most money.  Make sure you learn about the various areas before you outsource them.  This enables you to be well informed when looking to outsource jobs.  This will help you to determine if the people you outsource the job to are providing you quality service.

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