How To Maximize The Profit From Your Customer List

How To Maximize The Profit From Your Customer List

February 19th, 2012 // 9:01 am @

Customers are the core of your Internet business.  You can obtain customers from a variety of methods that generate leads such as articles, emails, and joint ventures.  Let’s say that you have a bountiful customer list, are sending out email blasts, but are not receiving the sales numbers you desire.  What can you do?

Let’s look at an example:

Let’s say your list has over 2,000 subscribers.  You sent out email blasts twice and only had 3 orders of $50.  Does this poor sales result mean that you have a low quality list?  Is this a low number of sales in relation to the number of subscribers on your list?  In a list most times 70% of your list is subscribers that won’t yield any money.  Typically, 30% of your list is subscribers that will buy your products and services.

One solution would be to keep working on your list until the sales increase.  It may take time to “train” your list to purchase your products and services.  They need to become more familiar with you and your products.  Keep sending announcements, news, updates, and offers to your list.  You have to train your list to realize that they won’t receive just free items from you, but should buy your products and services as well.  Continually send out email blasts.  For example, it may take five to seven email blasts about one product or service to bring in the sales you desire.

Another common question regarding customer lists is how to track leads.  What do you need to track leads?  What things should you track?  How do you track these leads?  Make sure you track the number of impressions and clicks you receive in your Google Adwords accounts and through email links.  Google AdWords provides features to help you track leads.  Remember, always test and tweak your Google AdWords campaign.  Monitor your Google AdWords campaign on a daily or weekly basis.

These are two scenarios that provide solutions to help you optimize your customer list.  Keep these solutions in mind even if you haven’t encountered these issues yet.  You never know when these seemingly difficult obstacles will sail your way.

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