How To Increase Your Internet Business Income In 2012

How To Increase Your Internet Business Income In 2012

March 5th, 2012 // 3:31 pm @

Question: Are you happy with the income you earned in 2011?  If not, how will you change your business strategy for 2012?

Typical responses include:  Not enough time, procrastination, need more income to survive, haven’t tested enough, change the way they think, too many projects, need help to show them how to succeed.  Change attitude, work smarter, not harder, don’t even know.

Typical responses to this question can be narrowed down to 4 major categories:

1.  Make an income or action plan

2.  Start an Internet business

3.  Taking action

4.  Creating multiple streams of income

Follow these strategies to increase your Internet business income in 2012.

1.  Find mentors who can show you how it’s done.

Find a mentor that has proven success.  Find more then one mentor.  For example, find a Copy writing mentor, building business mentor, how to slash taxes mentor, etc.  Seek out mentors in several areas that encompass your business and life.

Mentors in multiple areas are crucial to your success.  Don’t look for a mentor that just reads books and then tries to mentor you.  Make sure your mentor has proven success by actually accomplishing the task at hand.

Remember, follow the piles of cash.  Find mentors that have bigger piles of cash then you do.  Listen to them and NOT to mentors that have smaller piles of cash then you.

2.  You need a support group.

You need people around you that will help you.  You need people to brainstorm with.  This group will most likely NOT include your friends and family.  Why?  They don’t understand your desire, your business, etc. Your family may actually be a stumbling block when they tell you not to try it or you won’t succeed.

You need to find people that are just like you and commiserate with them.  You are not alone if you have a support group.  If you don’t look for a support group then you will feel alone and unsure of what to do.  You have much more power if you work with a support group.  Your support group can help to revitalize your energy.

A support group can excite you and create the passion and strength you need.  Conferences, seminars, and other support groups are great ways to spice up your confidence and excitement.  There is much more strength in numbers.  You have people who can help you and vice-versa.  Accomplishing your goals is not easy.  You will face obstacles.  A support group can help you overcome these obstacles.

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