Matt Bacak Quick Facts

Main Areas: Lead Generation, Internet Marketing, Memberships
Best Sellers: Marketing Sidekick, The Ultimate Lead Generation Plan, Secrets of the Internet Millionaire Mind
Career Focus: Business owner, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Author
Affiliation: Sigma Chi, EO

Matt Bacak began investing his first earnings at the tender age of 12, a young businessman in the making. Now, 15 years later, Bacak survived failed businesses, botched partnerships, heavy credit card debt and bankruptcy – all in preparation for the accomplishments he has achieved today as a well-established Internet marketer and best-selling author.

Matt Bacak became a millionaire at the age of 27. He currently is running Three (3) multi-million dollar companies and each company was built using the internet. Just by using the internet, Matt’s first company grew by 1057% last year alone. His second company made $500k in less than 2 months. His third company, which he built in Feb of 2006, made it’s first million by the end of that year.

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"Matt Bacak is one of the smartest marketers alive, but who cares, right? What matters to you is that he's a consummate teacher. He will not blow your mind with complex ideas - he'll just hold your hand and show you how to make a wad of cash"

Mark Joyner, #1 Bestselling Author of "Integration Marketing"

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