15 Secrets Of A Winning Teleseminar

15 Secrets Of A Winning Teleseminar

March 6th, 2012 // 4:28 pm @

Looking for secrets to a winning teleseminar?  Read on to find out how.

1.) Determine a hot target market.  Look for what people are passionate about and will spend money on.  Strive to find a market place with money.  (People have money and spend it.)

2.) Identify the market.  Find out what people are already buying and  they will continue to buy these products.  For example, Golf market – people buy golf balls every year.

3.)  Get high priced products by either making them or licensing them.  One short cut is to buy the rights to products.  Then when you sell it you are able to keep all the money.

When licensing a product, make sure that you are NOT paying a royalty.  You should pay a one time fee to buy the rights to the product.  It may cost thousands up front, but you’ll make it up in no time.

4.)  Give a killer offer.  Demonstrate the high value of everything in your offer.  Offer bonuses.  Build up your offer by offering more and more.  Then give a big discount.

5.)  Obtain teleseminar attendees through emails and/or post cards.

6.)  Need landing/registration page for the teleseminar.  This is a squeeze page where people can join the list and are put into your Autoresponder.  The Autoresponder sends email reminders about the teleseminar.

7.)   Create script for teleseminar.  Keep a successful script as a template and modify it each time you use it.  You can obtain a successful script by transcribing somebody else’s successful teleseminar.

8.) Sequence of marketing pieces includes emails that are reminders.  Send A LOT of email.

9.)  Record the teleseminar.  Offer it for download online for a price.

10.)  Conduct an encore teleseminar a week later using a recording of the teleseminar.

11.)  Run first teleseminar in the afternoon.  Run the second teleseminar in the evening.  This is varying schedule works well for different time zones around the world.

12.)  Generate teleseminar participants via mail order post cards.  Repeat the process if it is successful.

13.)  Use different toll free number to take orders from joint venture partners.  For online order you can just use the different Joint Venture affiliate numbers.

14.) Shoot for a large number of teleseminar attendees.  400-500 may seem like a lot, but strive to have 1,000 people on the call at once.  8-15% is a normal conversion rate as far as buying products.

15.) Test your teleseminar by modifying parts of the recorded teleseminar.  You can change the offer, script, etc. and test it.  You can download audio editing software at www.audacity.sourceforge.net/.

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