10 Secret Tips Of Successful Internet Businesses

10 Secret Tips Of Successful Internet Businesses

February 26th, 2012 // 2:02 pm @

Internet Business Tip #1:  Long sales letters have proven to be successful.  Long sales letters provide customers with the information they want and entices them to buy.

Internet Business Tip #2:  “Scientific Proof” are the two most important words and will make you the most money online if you follow strategies that have been scientifically proven.

Internet Business Tip #3:  You need to learn how to use search engine optimization to earn top rankings in Google.

Internet Business Tip #4:  Too many Internet businesses are product centric.  An Internet business should revolve around a product LINE, not just a product.

Internet Business Tip #5:  Business plans – 5 year business plans are silly because you can’t plan that far ahead.  Instead, make 7 day, 30 day and 60 day business plans.

Internet Business Tip #6:  Too many Internet businesses sell their eBooks for $19.97 which is too low.  They do this because they don’t think people will spend more money than that on the Internet.  This is a faulty belief.  However, you see it all the time because one website business follows the model of another website business.

Internet Business Tip #7:  Many Internet business entrepreneurs seek out joint venture partners once and are rejected so that don’t pursue any other joint ventures.  Remember, most joint ventures will say “no”, so you have to keep trying until you get a joint venture.

The best way to find joint ventures is by going to a “live” event and networking.  Only sending emails to set up joint ventures rarely works because it is too easy for potential partners to hit the delete key on their email.

Internet Business Tip #8:  “Success leaves traces.”  Follow and find successful people on the Internet.

Internet Business Tip #9:  Take action before everyone else does.  Take action now!

Internet Business Tip #10:  Successful Internet businesses make more than 5-10,000 per month.  There are very few Internet businesses that achieve this goal.  Strive to be one of them.

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